Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kuwait Seaside Chalet

Kuwait is situated on the Arabian gulf. So there is much property on the water. If you go south, there are chalets that many people use to get away on the weekend.

My friend Fatma invited the family to the chalet one Saturday afternoon. The kids had great fun.

Here is the back of the chalet.

The kids had fun playing a game with Fatma.

Quite a cool day, however it was February.

The kids were getting a little bored so I decided to teach them to sand sculpt.
I am not very good, but good enough for the kids.

Dante is concentrating hard on his project.

This is Talyn's collection. I helped a bit with the name.

Talyn was proud of his work.

Talyn is enjoying the sand.

Dante tries his hand at kite flying.

Talyn plays with Fatma.

A peaceful day after all.
At night we played villagers and wolves. It is a party game where you have about 12 people in which 4 people are wolves. Each round the wolves will kill a villager, while the villagers also have a round to kill a wolf. The reason it is tricky is that no one knows who the wolves are. Villagers must keep their eyes closed while the wolves decide who to eat. The villagers kill a wolf by voting the wolf off. There is a very heated round where people are accused of being a wolf, and the accused will try to argue that they are innocent. Sometimes the villagers get it wrong. The game hinges on how well you influence and con others. The game ends when all the wolves are killed or the number of villagers equals the number of wolves left. Nyssa did very well in the game.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time for the pan

Nyssa landed a starring role in Peter Pan. She was not Peter Pan, but Wendy. The production lasted for 60 minutes, but was enjoyable. After six weeks of rehearsal, they were all done.

Wendy and Peter are enjoying some post play cake.

Wendy encounters the lost boys.

Hook makes Wendy walk the plank.

Peter does not like the idea of Wendy going home.

Curtain Call!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today the sky turned yellow

Late last night it was windy--very windy. It was one of those nights where the wind howled so much that you woke up and hoped it would end. It used to howl like that in Chicago, but when the wind stopped there was nothing left to be done, but pick up the patio furniture that was scattered on the lawn and finding the trash cans halfway up the street.

In Kuwait, there was more fun to come.

I arrived at work at about 7:30. There was no blue sky. It looked foggy outside, but it was not fog. When the wind picks up the sand from the desert is lifted into the air and you get a dust storm. So as the morning progressed, visibility continued to fall. One by one, the buildings outside my window disappeared. Dust was everywhere.

In the desert people comment on the beautiful sunsets. One reason is that dust in the air scatters the light and you a nice bit of color. When you have a lot of dust, you get a lot of color.

So after visibility dropped to zero, the color outside my window changed. First it became brown and quite dark and then it turned orange. It was if you were outside an industrial building near a neon lamp which had a pale orange glow sort of filled the foggy air. It surrounded and enveloped you. After a few minutes the color turned to yellow. A bright yellow that radiated through my windows dulling the bright red on my walls and creating odd contrasts to the many colors on my monitor.

It was freaky.