Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jordan: Feb 2010

Dante and Talyn in front of the Indiana Jones Coffee Shop in Petra, Jordan.

We rode horses for a short distance on our way to see the Treasury.   We discovered after the ride that Nyssa was allergic to the horses. 

The space between the rocks was narrow.  It doesn't seem so bad while you are walking through.

Family picture with the Treasury in the background.  It was a bit dusty as you can see.

Sitting at a souvenir shop in front of the treasury.

We have been wanting to see this place ever since watching Indiana Jones.  It was amazing to finally be there!

This is a picture looking in the doorway.  It is very plain on the inside.  I wish we would have been allowed to go in.

Detail of the columns.

You can't tell from the picture, but we were standing on this little ledge of rock. 

 These are some of the other carvings into the rock.  These are not as well preserved because of the direction of the sun and wind.

A funny picture of Nyssa looking like she is kissing the camel.

Here are even more homes carved out of the rock.  This was part of the ancient main street.

Our guide took a picture of us through an opening in the rocks.

Standing in a cave with a amphitheater behind us.

Talyn, Nyssa and Dante posing in a cave with beautiful colored rock.

This was the Monastery.  We had to climb up 900 stairs to get here.  There was an option of riding donkeys up to the top but we chose to climb.  It was worth it!

It was cold and windy up at the top and was starting to rain, so we didn't linger. 

It rained lightly as we walked down those same 900 steps.  It was quite slippery in some spots.  The view was nice though even if a bit scary.

A nice bottle of wine with lunch after all that climbing...well, for the adults anyway.

Ancient Roman city of Jerash.  As you can see it was raining.  It rained a lot on this trip.  This was such an interesting place.  We would love to go back during better weather and really get a chance to explore.

Our pants were so wet and the umbrellas kept turning inside out.

 The main road of Jerash.  We could see the grooves in the stones from where the chariots and carts had travelled.

Us with a temple ruin in the background.

Dante, Nyssa and Talyn with the Dead Sea in the background.  It had been raining for a couple days, but cleared up long enough for us to go into the water.

The water was a bit rough though and looked brown, but the boys were enjoying it anyway.

Nyssa and Dan floating in the Dead Sea.

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