Monday, August 4, 2008

Bob and Becky

We have been very busy moving and I did not have computer access. Now we can start talking about our great adventure.

At the end of July, I left Chicago Equity Partners. At that time there was a long list of things to do. There was packing to be done, there was making provisions to sell our cars, and there was the daunting task of ensuring that we can take care of any problems in illinois from Kuwait. After all, we had not sold our home yet.

On the 31st of July, two days after my last day at work, we left to drive to see my brother Robert in Oaklahoma. The drive from Tinley Park to Ponca City takes 14 hours. For that reason, I like to break up the drive and stay at a hotel. On the way out, we left at 5 in the afternoon, so we only got to St. Louis before I decided to stop.

This drive was worse than before as it was compounded by the fact that we were driving two cars. My plan was to give our minivan to our brother. This meant that Deanna had to drive the minivan out while I followed in the Acura. Driving two cars meant that neither Deanna nor I could rest--we both had to drive.

Anyway, we stopped in St. Louis to rest in a hotel a block from the arch. In the morning, after breakfast, Deanna was ready to go. After all, I always preferred to get an early start when there was driving to be done. However, the kids saw the arch and they really, really wanted to go in. I was not in the mood to go into the arch, but we were so close that if we were going to go, this was the day.

So up we went into the arch. Deanna stayed behind as the cars that go up the arch were too small for her tastes. One never spends too much time at the top of the arch, we got to the top, looked around and headed back down. There is a nice view, but it does not take long to see it. It took only 7 minutes for the kids to have their fill. Of course the journey up and down the arch is where the fun lies. As we were leaving the kids wanted a souvenir, but I was not about to buy some tchotke before a big move. We did get a nice photo which I hope to find someday in the 14 bags we shlepped to Kuwait.

Inside the arch

State House

Cardinal Stadium

At about 10:30 in the morning, we were off again. I did not mind too much as that was a quick pitstop. For the rest of the day we continued to drive until we reached my brothers house the next night.

We had a great time and my brother appreciated the car. I was happy to visit him as the kids always liked to play with the chickens and feed the cow. We were there when my sister-in-law went pig shopping. In a few months, they will be up to their eyeballs in bacon. There was also good timing of sorts as I was there as the washing machine gave out. Losing a washing machine was not a good thing, but if it had to go out it is better when I can help my brother move it into the house.

At the end of our visit we packed up and drove back to Illinois. Another such stage in our summer adventure.

Here is their new pig.

The boys playing games.
Deanna and Emma

Cheyanne and Abby

Out the back door of the farm.

Looking Back towards the house

It's a chicken

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