Saturday, September 6, 2008


Kuwait is a very dry place. This would seem self-evident as it is a desert, but I mean dry as in not humid. You see most of the Gulf region is very humid. Hot air takes water from the Arabian gulf and carries it on land. Kuwait is not humid as the wind blows from the desert to the sea and not vice-versa.

Although Kuwait is not humid in general, it is humid for one month during the year. This is that time of year.

It is miserable outside, but the saving grace is that everything is air-conditioned so it is not so bad. However, I wear glasses. If I walk from an air-conditioned room to the outside, my glasses immeadiately fog up. This is not too surprising given the humidity. What I find interesting is that they clear up just as fast in the dry air-conditioned air. Therefore as I go from store to store I become blind for about 2 minutes or until I reach the next store.

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