Saturday, September 6, 2008

Short Term Apartment

One major decision we had to make was where to live. Now it is nearly impossible to choose a place that we would like long-term from overseas. Thus I thought it prudent to arrange for short-term housing.

Our short term housing consisted of a three bedroom apartment. Six days a week, not Friday, a cleaning crew arrives to straighten out the house. The apartment is furnished with IKEA furniture and it has a nice TV. A furnished apartment is key until our stuff arrives from the states.

We are on the second floor, Apartment #102. In fact, we are in the apartment directly over the kids head. We are the two sets of windows on the left.

We park our rental car, the trailblazer in the back of the complex.

One thing you will notice is that the apartment is all stone. There are stone walls and marble everywhere. The air conditioning is good as it keeps the apartment nice and comfortable.

Talyn and Dante playing DS in the living room.

Nyssa is looking at the Washer/Dryer. It actuallys washes and dries clothes in one machine!!
However, it does not dry all that much.

This is view from the front of the apartment.

This is the view from the back.


Mits said...

Wow! The apartment, The parking lot, the bedroom, Every single part of your apartment and nearby your apartment is really cool.


Adam Salas said...

Dan and family, sorry it took us so long to reply. We have been enjoying your diary entries. We can't wait until you publish it as a book and sell it at Barnes and Noble, then we can buy it and reread it on our plane flight to Kuwait to visit you guys. It seems like such a wonderful adventure. You are in our prayers and in our daily dinner conversations as we wonder what it's like over there. God Bless! Love, Adam, Anne, Magali, Natalie, Kathleen and Jelena.