Saturday, October 4, 2008

Computer Outage

We have had a few problems over the past few weeks. The most notable is our internet problem.

I have a work laptop that I was taking home to do all of our internet related activities. Unfortunately, it started to go on the fritz. As a result, we have been out of touch for two weeks. My laptop is back up and working, but it will take a few days for us to get everything back to normal.

We have moved into a villa, pictures to come later, and our internet service should be up in a week or so. Currently, I am doing things via dial-up which is redicuosly slow. The connection is 56K while our true internet connection in the future will be on the order of a couple hundred megs. It is amazing how fast technology moves along.

The posts should come much faster now as I struggle to keep up.

So much to tell.

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