Friday, October 10, 2008

Leaving Salmiya

When we arrived in Kuwait, my company put us up in a small apartment in the neighborhood of Salmiya. It is a trendy place with many of the restaurants and shops one would expect in a happening area. Traffic is something that also goes along with hot areas as everyone wants to go there at night. Although it was very busy, we had good grocery shopping nearby. Including some very nice butcher shops.

However, we grew tired of the busy streets and we wanted a quieter existence in a bigger place. We looked at a couple of places. Two of the villa's looked as if they were part of track housing. They commanded a high rent as they came with a pool. Pools in Kuwait seem to make all houses much more expensive. One villa that Deanna really liked came with a pool in an enclosed courtyard. It was quite big and had a tree growing from the basement up into the living area. There was plenty of light to support the tree. The Villa had a very small kitchen and the villa looked like a fixer-upper. The villa had a lot of character, but it also looked like it needed a ton of work. We were worried that we would always be calling the landlord to fix up the house.

We eventually found a house in Bayan. It was a very nice house, but unfurnished. It did not have a TV nor a fridge. It actually was furnished more than most as it did have a stove, dishwasher, and microwave. In Kuwait, those are not supplied when it is unfurnished. Luckily for us, those items were present and we never had to purchase them. Our container did not arrive yet so we did not have any furniture. The kids, after awhile, seemed to go into withdrawal from the lack of TV.

Mr. Bean is available for immediate purchase!!

The kids were much more excited than one would expect to go shopping. I think any excuse to get out of the house was a good one.

Pictures of the new Villa are coming soon.

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