Friday, August 21, 2009

California Summer

Summer had arrived and Deanna took the kids to California for the summer. Since Kuwait was so hot she left in June with the idea of returning in August. She had been gone for almost six weeks when I joined the family. We had a good time and Deanna actually felt that she had a relaxing vacation. Summer is much better as it allows the kids to have a longer visit with family.

The cousins are so excited about seeing each other that they decide to watch Natalie play a video game.

One advantage of a long visit is the chance to attend family birthday parties. Here cousin cameron is enjoying his first birthday. Elmo attends in edible form.

Kylie is too young for cake so she settles for a necklace. She looks fetching in her bow.

Deanna finds a long lost friend she knew in the 80's.

The kids like hanging out at casa de Salas.

Uncle Adam is taking the kids out for a bike ride.

More kids show up--he is a brave man.

The kids go alone to Disneyland. They got SoCal 3 day passes!

Look at the people! (I tried, but I could not think of a good caption)

After I arrived, the Smith Clan went camping. Here you can see us socializing.

Here is Liz socializing with Kylie.

We get better at socializing. Here Jon and Deric have emerged from their tents.

Mike and Dan show off their fandom.

The cousins unite for a photo (Madison, Kylie, Magali, and Nyssa)

Jeanne and Cameron are relaxin'

Here come bacon

Sra. Salas has finished her bacon and eggs.

Madison smiles for the camera.

Dave smiles as well.

Talyn enjoys riding the scooter.

There is no stopping him.

The crew gets ready for a beautiful day at the ball park. The city of Azusa rented buses and purchased a block of tickets. The Smith and Salas clan took advantage of the event.

A nice day in Left Field. (Talyn became quite concerned when we said we may be sitting in the Nose bleed section as he was not a fan of blood).

Some familiar faces arrive...

Look who followed me here.

Magali eatin' pretzels.

Jelena is a little close to the camera.

It got a little cold.

All had a good time at the ballpark. Well except for the people in the section behind Natalie's head. There was an eighth inning brawl where some people got hurt. At game was slow and some people needed some action. The fight was so severe that the inning started late and Manny was watching the fight from the field. One guy fell down several rows. Later we surmised that the people in the fight were on one of the Azusa buses. Go Azusa! Way to show your spirit.

I guess I better not count on a repeat event for next year.

Well this is to give you a taste of the summer vacation. There is more to come.

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