Friday, September 11, 2009

Talyn's Birthday

We were in California for August so Talyn was able to celebrate his birthday in California.  Notice the big cake.  This celebration was at the tail end of a Sunday barbeque at Anne and Adam's.
Talyn did not get much presents then, but he did get his wish of going to Disneyland on his birthday.
Talyn loved the attention.
Since Deanna and the kids were in California for six weeks prior, Deanna purchased a 3 day hopper for $99.  Normally the birthday person gets into Disneyland free.  However, if they alreay have admission to the park they can get several items.  One is fastpass packet for the family for major rides.  The second is a gift card worth the price of admission.  Talyn chose this and got a gift card for $78.
We started the day going counter-clockwise around the park.  Indiana Jones was not open yet so we headed to Splash Mountain.
Here we go.
It was a little hazy in the morning.

Next stop was Thunder Mountain.
Talyn asked to sit in the back and he got his wish.
On the Matterhorn, he sat with me.  That is why he is not in the picture.
We met up with David and Kathleen at the exit to StarTours.  Talyn bought his backpack and then we went on Astroblasters.  Then, I dragged them to the other part for an Italian lunch.
Talyn got a free birthday cake after his meal.

We hit Soarin' over California (we Fastpassed it before lunch--Smart),then we got some IceCream.
Jelena likes her ice cream Mickey.
We Fastpassed the rapids before we hit Soarin' over California--double smart.
They look so dry.  How about some water?
I missed the after Rapid shots, but let's say some adventurers got wet.  Liz and Deric joined us and we headed out to California Screamin' and Toy Story Mania. 
More missed shots, but hey, I have other things to do beside taking pictures for the blog.
Afterwards I was feeling peckish and I wanted another sit down meal.  Boy, I am getting old.  I knew there was a sit down restaurant at Ariel's grotto.  However, I had forgotten that Ariel's grotto is a character breakfast.
So my family and the rest of us were subjected to:
This one did not work there, but she seems jolly.
Talyn has a crown and he is happy.
Jelena enjoys time with Sleeping Beauty.  That princess seemed quite awake.  She must be drinking espresso nowdays.
Here is Talyn with Cinderella and mini-Snow White.
R2-D2 is a Dodger fan.

Now for Mega-Snow White.
Talyn ordered the seafood pasta.  Nice!
Talyn got another birthday cake--boy was he spoiled.
Jelena wanted to blow out some candles so Kathleen put crayons in the cake.  The person on the left is NOT an odd looking Disney character.
Sing happy birthday and then blow out the candles, Jelena.
Talyn put on his back pack and is ready to go.
It was dark so time for the Electrical Parade. One, two, three!  Everybody hum the theme music.
My camera was not good enough to get great pictures.  All the rest ended up blurry.  I could only grab the slow ones.

Disneyland was near the end of our trip.  Now it was time to say goodbye.
We used miles to upgrade the return flight. Here Nyssa is all smiles in Business class.
Talyn pretty much ignored us for the first 8 hours of the flight.  He was playing games and watching movies.  He was so busy, he did not want to eat.
Well, that is it.  The Summer vacation came to a close and we were set to return to Kuwait for another school year.

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