Friday, November 28, 2008


Back at the end of August, my friend thought it was a good idea to take a break and see the new Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. I agreed and the family took a short flight out to the new hotel.

Everyone who stays at the hotel gets to visit the water park. That was the main attraction, not the hotel itself. The hotel sits at the top of the palm jumeriah. The palm jumeriah is a real estate development where rocks were dumped into the sea to create land. The atlantis hotel sits at the top of the palm on the outer ring. Condominiums have been built on the fronds.

So off we went and spent one night at the hotel along with a day at the water park.

Here is Deanna in front of the door to the Atlantis.

Here is looking left before entering the hotel.

Inside the hotel lobby.

Here are some outside shots....

Nyssa stands alone.

Here is the family.

Views from our room.

Here is the big drop in the waterpark.

Who is that pale daredevil?

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CaliOC said...

Wow! What a wonderful experience. Love your pics and your blog.
~ Christina