Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We arrived near the end of August, just before the start of Ramadan. Ramadan is holy month in the Islamic faith where no one eats nor drinks during daylight hours. In Islamic countries, restaurants close down during the day. After sunset, everyone breaks their fast with a large meal. The purpose is to remind everyone how it feels like to not have enough to eat or drink.

At the end of the month, there is a couple of days that are holidays. Most people will spend time with their family. Some will travel. We decided to stay at a resort for a couple of days. The resort was 30 minutes away on the coast that was reputed to have a great beach and some nice pools.

This made sense on several fronts. Firstly, we were sleeping on air mattresses and the chance to sleep on a bed seemed like a very good proposition. (We had to buy beds and it took a couple of weeks to get a delivery slot.) Secondly, the break might do us some good. Thirdly, we did not have Internet access so I thought we might be able to access the Internet.

When we arrived, the resort was packed. Everyone seemed to want to spend the first day of Eid at the resort as well. It was so crowded that it was difficult to find a place to park. However, over the next two days the crowd thinned out quite a bit. Food was included so we got dinner and breakfast, but no lunch. However, the rooms had a kitchen which we could cook food if we had brought provisions.

On the second night everyone got sick. Deanna was most annoyed because she was not sick enough. You see, I became very, very sick. This meant Deanna had to take the kids to the buffet dinner while she felt less than 100%.

The beach was nice. Living in California one gets spoiled by the availability of the beach. This was not California quality, but it was nice. How many people get to say that they vacationed at the beach? How many get to swim in the Persian Gulf? When the tide went out in the morning, one could walk quite far.

Here is the crew in the water.

Talyn was very proud of his sand castle.

He also found a shell.
It was quite hot and very sunny.

Here is the beach at high tide.

This is a picture during low tide looking back at the resort.

Here is inside the resort.

Dante is enjoying the balcony.

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