Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It has arrived...

Our container arrived last Wednesday. We sent out our container on August 6th. The original estimate was 8-9 weeks. After we arrived in Kuwait, we were given an updated target date of September 4th. This was great news, but it meant that we had to quickly find a place to live in order to avoid putting things in storage. From August 20th to September 4th was only 15 days. We hustled and found a place, but our container did not arrive on schedule.

After several calls we found out that the container was transshipped in Valencia. Translation: it was taken off one boat in Spain and placed on another. The ship then went to Oman, before it finally arrived last week. The end result was a 12 week trip door-to-door.

Now we have boxes everywhere and we need to unpack and find a place for everything. Some things will take time to put away as we need some more furniture. Once we get everything put away we post some new pictures of the new place.

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